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July 09, 2021


Hair removal cream is also referred as depilatories, can quickly and painlessly removes hair from skin. Hair Removal Cream plays a key role in the life of every woman, now a day for men as well. It is not only a part of their personal hygiene and beauty regime, but also gives them the confidence they exude as smooth and glowing skin which every woman aspires for.

Get rid of unwanted hairs on skin in just 5 minutes with using Elois Hair Removal Cream.

Our Elois Hair removal cream is enriched with Natural Extract, Available in 3 variants:
Rose (for Normal Skin),
Aloe Vera (for Sensitive Skin),
Papaya (for dry Skin).

We understand the concern of our consumers towards their skin, Elois Hair removal cream is very mild and it doesn't damage the skin. It works on the upper layer of skin so no damage to the skin protein. It removes hairs very gently and leave the skin soft, smooth and shiny.

The natural extracts in the cream enhances its care for skin and gives better results. Elois Hair removal cream doesn't produce/give any odor smell while removing the hairs. It moisturizes the skin.

Removing Hair by Elois Hair Removal Cream:

Step 1: Let the tube open and squeeze out some Elois Hair Removal Cream from the tube and apply on the intended area (example: Legs or Arms).

Step 2: Spread it finely and equally with the help of spatula and cover the hair of the intended area.

Step 3: Leave the cream for about 5 minutes, and check with a small portion of the area that hairs are removing. If it’s done, then remove the gently the whole cream with spatula.

Step 4: Rinse off the skin with Luke warm water, clean the intended area.

Step 5: Touch you skin and feel the smoothness and softness.

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