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We at Velnik India is continuously working towards innovations and creativity. We know world is changing, new trends are touching the market and grooming the buying behaviors. Hence we need to keep ourselves updated and adaptive.

Our team is infield with the desire to be influential and make a difference, this has made us stable and sustainable in the market. We are driving towards change and continuously analyzing the evolving needs of customers.

We make sure that while meeting the consumer requirement, we do focus on the environment safety and preserve the natural surrounding by maintain cleanliness all around the area. We believe that we have our responsibility towards our environment to keep it healthy and clean. Our sustainability and growth survives when we keep a balance between creating brands & products for consumers as per their preferences and preserving environment at the same time.

We are constantly working towards the ever evolving needs of consumers and we explore our commitments to be unique and different in the market with our innovative products. We are delivering sustainable growth by operating with responsibility.

We contribute for the welfare of society and their sustainable development. Through our feminine hygiene product, we are creating awareness about use of Sanitary Pads and its importance. We had run a program where in we distributed our Own brand – Elois Sanitary Pad to school girls and share awareness about menstruation.