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Velnik Shampoo

After years of research and development we have developed Velnik Shampoo, which not ...

Elois Hair Removal Cream

Beauty and personality will not get eyes rolling your way if you are not getting ri ...

Kaveri Mehendi Cone

Mehendi designs are something which every Indian flaunts on his/her body on various ...

Kaveri Henna Hair Color

KAVERI HENNA HAIR COLOR Kaveri natural henna hair color is herbal-based hair color ...

Kaveri easy fast crème hair color

Kaveri Easy Fast Crème Hair Color

KAVERI EASY FAST OIL ENRICHED CRÈME HAIR COLOR Kaveri Easy Fast crème hair color ...

Babelois pant style diaper

Babelois Pant Style Diaper

Diaper changing might seem complicated and irritating especially when your baby sta ...


Kaveri Mehendi Powder

Kaveri Mehendi Powder is a 100% natural product. It is prepared from the world̵ ...

SANITARY PAD - Velnik India

Elois Sanitary Pad

Velnik India understands the importance of women’s smile and comfort. We empathiz ...

Elois Hair Serum-Velnik India

Elois Hair Serum

Elois Hair Serum is one of our newly developed products made with keeping in mind h ...


Velnik Hand Wash

Each day we met a number of people and comes into contact with various kinds of ger ...

Elois Cleanser Hand Rub Sanitizer

Elois Hand Rub Sanitizer

We often come across with, the problem of sanitization during travel, their may be sometimes unavailability ...


Our focus application areas and product innovations

Quality assurance

We make products of the highest possible quality. We ensure this by incorporating good manufacturing practices, avoiding problems that could adversely affect the product & including quality assurance programs. Quality assurance focuses on identifying defects in the actual products if any, thereby improving the product quality.

Velnik India Products Range

The product range

As specialists in personal care products, we use sustainable methods that significantly contribute to consistency, efficacy and sensory appeal in our product range. Our products are safe to use.

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Fully Tested
Natural Products

At Velnik, we know each skin and hair type is unique. That’s why we take pride in offering quality products that are fully tested and comply with IPQC and world-class automatic packaging lines along with ISO 9001, GMP & Halal.

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Global Presence

Velnik India is one of the largest manufacturer of Kaveri Mehandi Cone not only in India but also in Bangladesh and Nepal. Apart from Mehandi Cone and Hair Color we provide the best in cosmetics to everyone around the world. Our products meet international standards in quality and packaging. Along with this, we are currently present in more than 20 countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Madagascar, Ukraine, Nepal, Lithuania, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, UAE, Sweden, France, Russia, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, UK, Malaysia, Vietnam etc., with more to follow.
For export enquiries, please email us at india@velnik.com

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