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Velnik Hand Wash

360-degree protection against germs

Velnik ocean-fresh germs protection hand wash – Advanced hygiene for hands

Each day we go out for our daily work where we met a number of people and comes into contact with various kinds of germs & bacteria. We are not aware of micro-organisms which is impossible for our eyes to address the micro bodies on our hands and they may remain on our skin or body, which may cause infection and illness. Germs enter into our body through hands, as we keep in touch with different items and materials. Hence always wash your hands before eating, or touching food, before shaking hands with someone, after using the toilet or while buying the stuff and after sneezing. For good health and sickness free body follow personal hygiene habits daily.

"Now Say NOO to the Germs"

With Bio-green Antimicrobial Agents – Protection From Germs & Dirt

Our hands are seedbeds of germs. It's critical to keep your hands clean in order to stay healthy. Velnik's innovative range of hand wash will keep your family safe. Your hands will feel refreshed and moisturized after using Velnik Ocean Fresh handwash. It contains Bio-Green Antimicrobial Agents that protect you from germs and washes away the dirt. It is mild on the skin and keeps your hands smooth. Velnik Hand-wash provides 360-degree super hygiene and has a speedy effect. It is suitable for all skin type.

Product Features

Provides you refreshing and moisturized hands
Handwash that keeps you away from billions of micro germs
The hand wash provides you 360 degrees of hygiene care
100% tested under the expert's supervision
Keep your hand clean

Available Pack Size

3ml Sachet250ml Bottle 750ml Refill Pack

Why Velnik Hand Wash?

Regular Hand washing leads to a healthy life; it is the best way to keep the germs away from us. Velnik hand wash is made under the supervision of our R&D expertise, which created a product which protects your hands in 360 degrees- from dirt and other harmful micro germs.

Be 100% sure while using our product i.e. VELNIK HANDWASH. Velnik is widely known for its product and tries to come up with unique and innovative products, and it has come up with the product Velnik hand wash with Bio-Green Antimicrobial Agents. It is the most reliable hand wash that kills the germs effectively & provide gentle care to hands.

Best Hand Wash
Hand Wash Liquid

Quality of Velink Hand Wash

Bio-Green Antimicrobial Agents is the main ingredient used in making the hand wash. It gives sufficient lather to wash hands properly. It contains soothing properties which keeps our skin and hands protected from germs. Velnik Hand wash undergoes quality check process & has been assessed by our in-house quality team to ensure the product quality and consistency.

What's Special in Our Velnik Hand Wash

Velnik hand-wash enriched with bio-green antimicrobial agents has a 360-degree enhanced hygienic effect and is quick to use. It is the most effective approach to keep yourself from germs and bacteria. It offers comprehensive protection and hygiene, keeping your hands clean and free of micro germs.

Bio-green Antimicrobial Agents

How to Use?

Step 1

Wet your hands with water.

Step 2

Pour 2 drops of hand wash on your palms.

Step 3

Rub your palm over the other palm in a circular motion, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Step 4

Use your right palm to rub the backside of the left palm and vice versa.

Step 5

Wash in between the fingers.

Step 6

Clean both thumbs one by one.

Step 7

Wash your hands under clean water.

Safety Instructions

Please keep it away from the reach of small kids. As per the name, use it only for washing your hand. If it comes in contact with your mouth, clean it with water.

“Practice hand hygiene regularly to stop spreading germs, Velnik Hand-wash gently clean hands and keeps hands skin soft & refreshed.”