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Elois Hair Serum

Transform your dull hairs to soft and shiny hair

In our everyday life, it’s very hard & tedious to manage our hair. Due to number of reasons such like – pollution, humidity, dust etc. our hair gets damaged, which may cause hair breakage, hair fall, split ends, frizzy and dull hairs. But the good part is that most underlying causes can be corrected with the right choice of solution. A hair serum can do wonders for your hair; it not only protects hair from damage but also safeguards the natural contents of hair and improves the hair texture.

Are you looking for a hair serum that chases away all of your hair problems and keeps your hair smooth and frizz-free? Your search ends now. With Elois Hair Serum, good hair days have finally arrived. Elois Hair Serum is an ideal product to quick fix the rough, frizzy, lifeless, and tangled hair. With this hair smoothing serum the problem of tames & flyaway get resolved.

"Enhance your hair beauty with elois hair serum"

A Breakthrough in Hair Serum – Elois Hair Serum

Elois Hair Serum is a wonderful hair care product, which ensures to provide hassle free hairdo. A perfect solution for those who are battling with tangled, damaged and dry hair. It gives intense smoothness to hair, & keep them hydrated.

It works amazingly on hair with its lightness, non-sticky texture that doesn't weigh the hair down. It's made with a fusion of vital minerals & natural extracts, including Aloe Vera, Argan oils, and vitamin E. Elois Hair Serum is a product, designed especially to provide hair care solution & help to deal with every day’s hair problems.

We all wish for silky smooth, manageable hair that is easy to style. Elois Hair Serum has the potential to be utilized as a conditioning serum. It is suitable for both men and women. Its use on a daily basis protects the hair from ordinary damage and minimizes breakage and split ends. It softens, shines, and gives your hair a stunning look. Its pleasant mild fragrance lasts for longer and keeps you feel fresh all day.

Product Features

Enriched With Argan & Aloe Vera Oil Along With Vitamin E and Vital Minerals
Manage damaged and dull hair
Makes hair soft, shiny and glossy
Allow easy combing
Protects from pollution & dust
This serum enriched with vitamin E to defend against damage
Elois Hair Serum helps you achieve the perfect hairstyle by keeping hair strands in place and preventing them from tangling
Elois Hair Serum comes with a beautiful spray bottle.

Available Bottle Size


Available in Sachet


Why Elois Hair Serum?

These days men and women both face hair related issues, most commonly rough, dull & dry hair issues. Lack of shine & lustre in hair gave rise to usage of Hair serum among people. In the past people use to have serum only to style up their hair, but gradually hair serum had made its presence as a treatment for hair problems.

Elois hair serum treats hair and keeps them damage free. With use of Elois hair serum one can easily style up his/her hair to enhance their present looks and at the same time prevent their hair from breakage and split ends. 

Hair Serum Benefits
Hair Serum for frizzy hair

Quality of Elois Hair Serum

Elois Hair Serum is prepared with extreme care and designed with love to provide your hair touch of silkiness and smoothness. It moisturizes your scalp and protects the hair from harmful substances. It is a super quality product which has been launched after lots of research on the formulation & design of the product. Due to its quality & packaging it is a breakthrough in hair serum category.

What's Special in Elois Hair Serum

Elois hair serum is fortified with Argan & Aloe Vera Oil along with other vital nutrients & minerals which give nourishment to hair. Its special ingredients and their key features help users to prevent their hair problems and get glossy, lustrous hair. Through Elois hair serum you can infuse herbal potion in your hair and give a new strength to hair. Argan oil in the serum is one of the best natural hydrating ingredients for hair. It acts as natural antioxidants which is fruitful for the hair.

Argan Oil
Aloe Vera Oil

How to Use?

Step 1

Take a few drops of the Elois Hair Serum onto your palms.

Step 2

Rub hands together and distribute evenly along the lengths of your dry hair, especially on the ends, for added shine and frizz control.

Step 3

Leave it on. For best results, use it after every hair wash.

Step 4

This can also be used before combing dry hair.

“Style Up Your Hair With Elois Hair Serum”