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Velnik India at Glance

Velnik India Limited is India's most reputable, technologically advanced & infrastructural strong manufacturer and supplier. The Company had started from scratch & ground level, but it was loaded with outstanding experiences and ambitions. Right from the beginning, the company has aimed at creating benchmark in the FMCG (non-food) industry. The company was followed by a small team with few employees, but now we have more than 2000+ employees. Although, the company has rapidly increased the rate of growth & transformations. Now, Velnik has come up as one of the leading manufacturing company in India and is continuously striving towards establishing its footmarks in different countries as well.

Moreover, we believe a perfect hair day, healthy skin, and a comfortable lifestyle can boost the consumer's confidence & can take any women’s poise to its zenith. Owing to this understanding, we manufacture and market haircare, skincare, and personal care products for enriching lives. Today, Velnik India operates with dominance in the market with its key consumer products offered in different categories like Hair Care, Hair Color, Hair Removing Cream, Mehendi Powder, Ready to use Mehendi Cone, Sanitary pads, Baby diapers etc. These products act as a catalyst by imparting confidence in the modern Indian women.

As one of the leading Indian FMCG(non-food) company, Velnik India is a well-equipped manufacturing and distribution company with the fastest growing rate. Today, being a renowned brand, Velnik India is committed to empowering women & enabling women to embrace their inner beauty and bring the best out of their charismatic capabilities in their respective fields. This is why at our Sojat production unit 75 % percent of the total workforce is female, and we take pride in keeping them inspired by providing job opportunities that can help them become self-sufficient, it is our corporate social responsibility. We have a wide network of dealers and distributors which are spread all over India and they act as a bridge in making our products available to our customers.


Our unparalleled network in the national region, profound industry knowledge and essential services make us more strong and unbeatable. Teamwork is the key factor, we work with. We have an excellent team that strives on reaching the success and greatness. Our product development team continues to work on new potential formulations for upcoming development and growth. As a result, our team adheres to all the internationally recognized ethical business norms.

We are modernizing our iconic Personal care brands, leveraging new opportunities and adapting the evolving market requirements - all with keeping customs & culture into consideration to achieve growth & drive value. Through a conscientious approach to continuous enhancement and performance measurement, Velnik aspires for excellence in production, product quality, safety, and on-time delivery. We operate with honesty and integrity to provide complete satisfaction to our investors as well as our employees. We are committed towards transparency, sound corporate practice and professionalism hence, this build confidence among all the stakeholders & investors.


Velnik India company has grown significantly in terms of infrastructure. Velnik India is established in 140 bighas of the land. We have one of the largest manufacturing facilities which are highly equipped with advanced technology, which provides the top-notch quality of product to our customers under the experts and the professional's supervision. 

The infrastructure is designed to be large enough to innovate new products under perfect surveillance, and it matches the international standards.  

Our infrastructural facility is well segregated into different sections like production unit, quality control unit, and warehousing department along with the logistic section. We have developed and upgraded our whole system including the software and the modern technologies of the corporate office by the time to be updated with the surroundings and note the trends and introduce the trending products; also, it makes our employees feel good in the office so that they can work at ease with better frequency. 

Awards &

Velnik has received recognition from professionals and industry experts, and they acknowledge the superior quality of products which we provide to our customers. Also, we have been recognized globally as one of the leaders in the personal care industry and working on getting recognized by more countries and people. That is to say, we have garnered honors from respected industry experts as a largest producer of henna cone owing quality and uniqueness in this product category.