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Babelois Adult Diaper

Now enjoy your life with Babelois Adult Diapers

Make everything easy & comfortable with Babelois Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are made for the of our adults. The high absorbency capacity allows the adults to relax and enjoy their quality time without stress. The wetness indicator helps you know when the diaper is full and needs a change. Babelois Adult diapers are specially crafted to respect your skin, Soft & Super Absorbency. A soft non-woven surface ensures fast absorbency, and a unique Design prevents leakage.

"Feel Comfortable Every Moment"

Get Comfort & Confidence: Babelois Adult Diaper

Babelois Adult diaper is specially designed with care for our Elders, who are suffering from Urinary incontinence. It provides day and night protection, its high absorbency eliminates the risk of wetness and removes discomfort. It provides day and night protection; its high absorbency eliminates the risk of wetness and removes discomfort. It is very comfortable to be use on a daily basis and also controls the odour, which never makes you feel uncomfortable during the meeting with friends or family.

Product Features

Day & night protection with high absorbency
Wetness indicator, helps to know you to change the diaper
Provides odor barrier all the way round
Suitable for both men & women
Extra vide protection in both front and back
Soft & quick dry top sheet for improved comfort

Available Diaper Size

MediumLargeExtra Large

Available Diaper Pack

10 Disposable Diapers Counts

Why Babelois Adult Diaper Pants?

Babelois adult diapers are being designed for our elders, we understand the requirements of our adults who are facing the problem of weak urinary bladder or have problem of Incontinence, hence we prepare the diaper accordingly, keeping in mind all the key features. The adult diaper is loaded with high absorbency power to make you feel comfortable every moment. Also, it is very much comfortable so it will not affect our elder's skin and they can use it on a daily basis. Also, the important part is the odour control; the absorbent beds over the padding lock the fluid and control the odour, making you comfortable during outside sessions. Also, the wetness indicator will help you when to change the diaper.

Quality of Babelois Adult Diaper

Babelois Adult Diaper is made up with supreme quality as it absorbs immediately, makes the elders comfortable, and locks the odour. It is soft cottony material with long-lasting freshness. It has advanced leak protection for standing leak protection. With the high absorbency, the diaper can be used for a long time, and the wetness indicator will help you when to change the diaper.

What's Special in Our Babelois Adult Diaper?

Our adult diaper is being designed with care for our elders; we have fulfilled every need and the requirement of an adult that is being needed in an adult diaper. The padding of the diaper is of superior quality, which is highly absorbent, and this superior quality of the pad makes diaper comfortable for the adults and the cottony-soft surface helps to lock the odour and gives a long-lasting freshness. Babelois Diaper ensures a dry and comfortable surface suitable for home care of incontinence patients, post maternity and post-surgery patients, and hospitals and nursing homes.

How to Use?

Standing Position
Step 1

Position opened diaper on back. Raise the lower panel of the diaper up between the legs.

Step 2

Ensure proper support and then fasten the lower tapes.

Step 3

Securely, fasten the upper tapes.

Sleeping Position
Step 1

Open the diaper, spread it lengthwise & slide it under the back.

Step 2

Fold the diaper over the waist. Fasten the lower tapes.

Step 3

Ensuring support, fasten the upper tapes.