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Kaveri Mehendi Cone - India’s best herbal mehendi cone

Adore your beauty with deep henna color

Kaveri mehendi cone made with natural henna best herbal leaves for hand and body part design on festivals and other occasions.

Mehendi designs are something which every Indian flaunts on his/her body on various occasions. These are not just designs but an emotional bond which lasts forever. Henna Application is a part of Indian tradition and culture, for every ritual & celebrations henna cone is used to decorate hands and feet. It connects with sentiments and signifies love for each other.

"According to Indian belief, the darker the bride's Mehendi, the more her husband will adore her."

Herbal & Natural – Kaveri Mehendi Cone

Kaveri Mehendi Cones is ready to use Mehandi cone (i.e. tattoo kit). It is of par excellence when it comes to articulating beautiful, impressive, and lively mehndi designs on your hands, feet and other body parts. Made from the purest organic henna leaves and essential oils such as Nilgiri, Clove Oil, etc., this unique product is best in its category.

Kaveri Mehendi Cone gives rich dark stain to the henna designs as it is made with the fresh & premium quality henna leaves grown in the farm of Sojat, Rajasthan. It has an amazing smoothness & consistency, triple shifted mehendi powder which gives stunning results. It has a distinctive special aromatic smell which gives soothing experience while application. No chemical dyes added in our organic mehendi cones. It is suitable for all types of skin.

Product Features

Ready to use Mehendi cone
100% natural
No chemical
Enriched with purest henna leaves and essential oils such as nilgiri & clove
Gives rich dark stain
Long lasting henna stain

Available Pack Size

300g (25g x 12 Cones)

Why Mehendi Application?

The primary purpose of applying Mehandi is to benefit the skin with natural medicinal herbal cures, which help to relax the body and relieve stress before the big day (marriage). Mehndi is applied on - the hands, feet & other body parts, used to calm the nerves of the body and prevent them from stress. 

Mehndi is often known as henna. Its paste connects with good luck and happy spirits. The night before the wedding, an Indian wedding tradition asks for a Mehndi ritual to be done to wish the bride good health and prosperity on her journey to marriage.

Bridal Mehndi Cone
Kaveri Mehandi

Rich Quality of Organic Mehendi Cone

The paste of Kaveri mehandi cone is being prepared with the world class premium quality of henna leaves plugged from the farms of Sojat, Rajasthan. Henna filtering process done with the stringent care and quality check to get the finest & smoothest paste which makes application more flawless. The production process of Mehandi Cone undergoes with the strict quality check to make the paste save for skin. All natural ingredients are used to make the best mehendi cone. It can be used as temporary tattoo or body art designing.

What’s Special in Our Best Mehendi Cone

Our Menandi Cone is made with fresh & highest grade henna leaves, Enriched with the goodness of eucalyptus oil and clove bud oil. Our unique customized blend of henna paste is created so naturally, its herbal elements enhance its quality, color and appearance.

This is what differentiate us from others our best mehandi cone mixing paste and our distinct packaging which gives a perfect look to the product.

If you are looking an organic mehendi cones you must try our 100% natural kaveri mehandi cones. You can buy from you own Velnik Store.

Henna Leaves
Eucalyptus Oil
Clove Bud Oil

How to Use?

Step 1

Before application wash your hand pat dry and clean the skin surface with towel.

Step 2

Take out the pin/nob of the cone.

Step 3

Squeeze the cone & apply henna/ draw pattern as per your choice of design on hands & feet.

Step 4

Leave for around 45 minutes – 1 hour let the mehendi dry (for good results leave it on overnight).

Step 5

Rub the dry mehendi off from the surface with towel/ tissue paper (DO NOT USE SOAP/HANDWASH).

Step 6

After few hours wash with plain water.

Step 7

Henna starts giving color in 24 hours You will see rich dark stain over the time.

“Kaveri Mehendi Cone is one of the renowned brand not only in India but also in International. In Nepal & Bangladesh Kaveri is one of largest selling brand, people love Kaveri Mehendi Cone owing its quality, appearance and rich deep stain.”