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Babelois Baby Diaper

Choose a peaceful night for your baby with Babelois Baby Diapers

Let your baby stay active all day – Make diapering easy with Babelois Baby Diaper

In today’s era there has been observed a significant increase in the awareness among parents concerned to their baby's health and hygiene. It is one of the key factors driving the market for baby care products. Parents are more cautious while choosing the right diaper for their babies.

Nothing is more crucial than your baby's comfort. Choosing a diaper for your kid is a vital step in assuring their comfort both during the day and at night. Hence we have come up with a product which is an ultimate for Baby’s hygiene and protection i.e. Babelois baby Diaper. Babelois diaper pants keep your kid comfy all day. Babelois is breathable, hygienic, and skin-friendly diapers for babies who love exploring the world. Ensure your precious child can play, crawl, run, walk, eat and sleep uninterrupted all day in a hygienic way in Babelois Baby Diapers. 

"Every touch now feels like a mother's touch"

Allow Your Baby's Day to Begin With a Dry and Comfortable Feeling :: Babelois Baby Diaper

Diaper changing can be hard and aggravating, especially if your baby begins to move around. To make diaper changing easy and relaxing, Velnik introduces these pant-style diapers with a soft-hug design that enwraps your baby's bum in ultimate comfort and softness.

These breathable diapers are soothing on your baby's sensitive skin because they are designed with leak-proof technology and the softest cotton-touch fabric. Babelois Baby Diaper is easy to carry and use. These diapers ensure a safe, hygienic, and joyful childhood for your little apple of eye.

Product Features

Super Absorbent Core
Up to 12 hours leakage protection
Overnight absorption with breathable sheet
Leak lock gel system
Multilayer leak guard technique
Cottony soft - a top layer made of cotton-like soft material is used
Soft & Gentle on your baby's skin
Easy to wear, remove & dispose

No more sleepless nights with Babelois Baby Diaper

Available Diaper Size


Available Diaper Pack

1 piece2 pieces4 pieces9 pieces24 pieces48 pieces20kg

Why Babelois Baby Diaper?

Our Babelois diapers have soft elastic waistbands, ensuring a great fit for the little ones. Babelois pant style diaper also has multilayer leak guard technique which helps in keeping the baby leak proof for up to 12 hours. Babelois Baby Diapers are designed in a way that absorbs multiple glasses of urine and distributes it evenly, so the diaper does not appear heavy and can last up to 12 hours.

Babelois Baby diapers are so comfortable & it is enhanced by the flexible thigh support of the diaper, keeping away the baby from leakage and delivering a peaceful and smooth sleep to the mother and the baby.

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Quality of Babelois Baby Diaper

The foremost important job for our product is to deliver the quality, for which our customers can rely & count on us. We provide and ensure quality products to our customers. Babelois diapers have soft materials, ensuring a great comfort & fit for the babies. Our product is being tested under our in-house lab where the product quality checked on time to time. Babelois diaper helps to keep baby dry & fresh also prevent your baby’s skin from rashes and irritation.

What's Special in Our Babelois Baby Diaper

Our brand Babelois not only cares about comfort but also works hard to ensure that the parents of babies can trust on our diapers for a long time by providing extra care & hygiene. We introduce these pant-style diapers in the market with unique features and different innovative packaging. This product reflects love like a mother that enwraps your baby's bum with ultimate comfort and gentleness.

How to Use?

Pant style diapers with an elastic waistband that are easy to pull up and pull out.