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Elois Hair Removal Cream

Embrace your real beauty - with Elois Hair Removal Cream for Women

Hair Removal Cream plays a key role in the life of every woman, now a day for men as well. It is not only a part of their personal hygiene and beauty regime, but also gives them the confidence they exude as smooth and glowing skin which every woman aspires for.

Are you still using regular hair removers for your skin? It's time to switch our Best Hair Removal Cream, which is specially designed for your Arms, underarms & Legs. If you don't get rid of unwanted hair, your beauty and charm will go overlooked. So, no hide & seek with your beauty. Charm and Beauty will not get eyes rolling your way if you are not getting rid of unwanted hair.

Elois Hair Removal Cream, made with an advance formulation, which is easy to apply. It is an effective alternative to shaving or waxing. It's here to assist you in regaining and maintaining the long-lasting smoothness of your skin. Unwanted body hair can now be removed in minutes. The cream contains natural oils and extracts to keep your skin hydrated. If you are looking for painless way than must go with our unwanted hair removal cream.

Soft & Smooth – Elois Hair Removal Cream for Women

Elois Natural Hair Removal Cream is ideal for all skin types and available with healing & moisturizing characteristics that help to bring out your skin's natural radiance.

Now one question hit your mind again and again, that is - Will it make my skin darker? And the answer is NO, Elois's composition contains natural components, which help to maintain the skin's glow & doesn’t darken your skin. We understand the concern of our consumers towards their skin, it is very mild and it doesn't damage the skin. It works on the upper layer of skin so no damage to the skin protein.

Elois Hair Removal is an excellent depilatory cream that comes in three variants to attain a wide range of skin types, including normal, sensitive, and dry. It's made with 100% natural extracts such like - Aloe Vera, Papaya, and Rose essence.

Product Features

In about 3-5 minutes, you may get rid of unwanted hair
Enriched with natural extracts to give your skin a feather-like smoothness
Natural fragrances have been specially blended for this product
Skin-friendly & Non Sticky formula
Get soft, glossy, and smooth in just 5 minutes
No Odour or Bad Smell

Available Pack Size

25g40g (Jar Packing)50g100g

Available Shades

RoseAloe VeraPapaya

Skin-friendly Composition

100% Natural extracts. It's no harsh composition, is gentle on your skin while removing hair and nourishing your skin. The natural extracts in the cream enhances its care for skin and gives better results. In just 3-5 minutes, you may get rid of unwanted hair. It has a hydrating and cooling effect, as well as a refreshing aroma.

Best natural hair removal cream

What's Special Inside

The Elois Hair Removal Cream contains a unique blend of gentle ingredients like Rose Essence, Aloe Vera and Papaya Extract that effectively remove unwanted hair while leaving your skin smooth and nourished.

Rose Essence Variant for normal skin

The Elois Hair Removal Rose Essence Cream is designed to provide a moisturizing and cooling effect, as well as a refreshing fragrance with 100% rose extract. Elois has been made for normal skin with the benefits of rose essence.

Aloe Vera Variant Extract for sensitive skin

Aloe Vera contains nutritional and antioxidant properties that have been utilized to create this product for people with sensitive skin. Aloe vera extracts give your skin a feather-like softness.

Papaya Extract Variant for dry skin

This moisturizing formula contains 100% papaya extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. It leaves the skin silky and soft, making it ideal for people with dry skin.

How to Use?

Step 1

Let the tube open and squeeze out some Elois Hair Removal Cream from the tube and apply on the intended area (example: Legs or Arms/Underarms).

Step 2

Apply with a spatula directly to the skin, distribute the cream evenly and cover the hair completely.

Step 3

Leave the cream for about 5 minutes after spreading, and check with a small portion of the area that hairs are removing. If it’s done, then remove the gently the whole cream with spatula.

Step 4

If necessary, keep the cream on for an additional 2 minutes.

Step 5

After application, thoroughly rinse your skin with water and gently pat dry. Clean the intended area.

Step 6

Take care not to keep the cream on your skin for more than 7 minutes.

Step 7

Touch you skin and feel the smoothness and softness.

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