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Velnik Shampoo

The best therapy for hair

Velnik shampoo naturally derived ingredients – Now let your hair feel strong.

Haircare is a highly personal choice. How can we talk about haircare without including shampoo? Daily dust and pollution make our hair constantly lifeless, and shampoo is an integral part of our lives to keep our hair alive. Shampoo is responsible for maintaining health and beauty of hair, bestow lustre & improve manageability. Hair cleansing is similar to washing your skin.

Water can remove the majority of visible dirt and debris, but it may not remove odours or oily deposits. Shampoo aids water in effectively removing dirt and odours such as sweat. Too much moisture can cause hair to appear greasy, floppy, and filthy. Shampooing your hair on a regular basis is an excellent approach to keep it healthy.

"Healthy baalon ka raaz – Velnik Shampoo"

Watch Your Hair Shine With a New Strength

Velnik is one our iconic brand that has given a rise to Velnik’s journey. After years of research and development, we developed Velnik Shampoo, which not only addresses all hair issues but also stimulates hair growth and shine. Velnik hair shampoo is finally here to give your tresses endless love with its nature-derived, multi-beneficial ingredients. Every drop of Velnik Shampoo is packed with the goodness of Amla, Bhringraj, Rose, Soya Milk, Almond, Grapes and various other excellent herbs that restores hair, strengthens, and make your hair smooth and silky.

Velnik shampoo is available in 5 variants with refreshing fragrances such as: Black Grapes, Almond Protein, Amla & Bhringraj, Soymilk Protein, Vitamin B & Rose.

Get the real joy of fresh hairs with Velnik Shampoo.

Product Features

Makes hair texture soft & smooth
Enriched with high antioxidant & Vitamin-E
No use of harsh chemicals
Provides necessary nourishment to your hair
Keep hair Healthy, Strong & Shiny
Available in 5 different variants
Enriched with Amla, Bhringraj, Rose, Soya Milk, Almond, Grapes and various other excellent herbs
Regular use rejuvenates damaged hair and provides a healthy shine

Available Sachet Pack Size


Available Bottle Size


Why Velnik Shampoo?

A complete nourishment for Hair – Velnik Shampoo
Velnik Shampoo is infused with natural extract &ingredients such as Amla, Bhringraj, Rose, Soya Milk, Almond, Black Grapes and is free from any harsh chemical. As it takes care of your hair in every aspect, it also controls the hair fall, prevents hair from dandruff, repairs split ends, makes hair thick, controls scalp itchiness, improves healthy hair growth.  

Natural Shampoo for hair
Shampoo for daily use

Quality of Velnik Shampoo

Velnik Shampoo had come up with a new formulation with new formation which promotes hair growth & lustrous. This shampoo is made with natural ingredient which are used in making the shampoo under the professionals and the experts directions. The evaluation of our product quality comprises of quality control assessment test wherein we check our product quality and measure on different parameters such as its pH, viscosity, density, foam volume etc. We care for our consumers and always strive to provide quality in our product deliverance.

What's Special in Our Velnik Shampoo?

Velnik Shampoo restores your hair's lost beauty, dryness, and brittleness by providing powerful hydration, and you enjoy better, silkier hair with the proper moisture balance. It brings volume to the hair. If you use this shampoo regularly, your hair will love it. Our Velnik Shampoo is an innovative formula it is available in 5 different variants to cater different hair needs of our customers.

Velnik Everyday Shine With Black Grapes

This shampoo helps make the hair texture smooth and silky while enhancing hair quality with a high antioxidant and vitamin E. Black grapes make your hair soft and smooth. Strengthens the roots of the hair and provides lovely and soft hair.

Velnik Silky & Smooth With Almond Protein

Almond is best suited for damaged, undernourished hair, Almond which helps keep your hair strong & keeps hair problems away. Velnik Almonds Protein Shampoo deeply nourishes the scalp, combats scalp conditions such as flaky and dry scalp and making your strands smooth & silky.

Velnik Soft & Strong With Soya Milk Protein

Velnik Soy Milk Protein Shampoo is enriched with a protein blend of soy milk that helps repair and restore damaged hair. This shampoo helps to repair hair by improving texture strand by strand from root to shaft, removing impurities, and leaving it smooth, silky, and shiny.

Velnik Healthy & Long with Vitamin–B & Rose Essence

This shampoo moisturizes the scalp and provides long-lasting freshness. Get lustrous, voluminous, fragrant hair with Velnik Rose Shampoo.

Velnik Thick & Long with Amla & Bhringraj

It makes hair more manageable while also increasing thickness and make them long. Amla improves the elasticity of your hair and makes it less prone to breakage.

How to Use?

Step 1

Take a small quantity of Velnik Shampoo on your palm

Step 2

Apply the Velnik Shampoo on the wet hair and scalp, massage hair gently to make the lather.

Step 3

Rinse well and dry with a soft towel.

Step 4

Get silky, soft & shiny hair after dry.

Step 5

Use on regular basis.

“Allow your hair to be open and spread them without fear”