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Elois Sanitary Pad

The unbeatable women power

A girl always has confident, vigorous, & inspirational persona, who knows very well what they need & how to get it on their own terms. The quality of determination & dedication has helped them to accept the challenges, break the records & stereotype perceptions of society.

We Velnik India salute the unstoppable women & their courage to take steps ahead with complete comfort. Our main focus is to create a benchmark for womanhood & break the stagnant cultural barriers which are hurdles in women’s life. Through our product Elois Sanitary Pad we embrace the power of women's smile, give her freedom and the confidence to achieve her goals. We would like to help women to step up with confidence even in their menstrual time.

Har Maa Ka Bahrosa – Elois Sanitary Pad

We empathize the problems and discomfort experienced by any women. We understand the challenges and agony that every woman goes through. Hence, with our uniquely designed sanitary pad, we intend to provide carefree days to women during their periods. We want women to break their shackles, enjoy their lives freely, and commence their daily routine as regular days.

Elois Sanitary Pad is our feminine hygiene product, provides all-day protection with great comfort. It quickly absorbs liquids, offering safety, hygiene, and all day freshness. Elois Sanitary Pad is designed in a way which helps to prevent leakage & stain. Its uniquely shaped wings prevent side leakage. Elois Sanitary pads has odour lock gel that locks up to 100% wetness and even odour and gives you the freedom to live life by your own rules during periods.

Product Features

Soft & Dry Cover
Uniquely Shaped Wings
Super Absorbent Core
All Day Protection
Odour Control System

Available Pad Size

240 mm Regular280 mm XL

Available Pack Size

1 Pad6 Pads7 Pads

Why Elois Sanitary Pad?

Elois Sanitary Pad provides superior all round protection, and all day freshness. It not only provides safety during days but also keep nights comfortable. It gives women carefree, uninterrupted and peaceful sleep. With our Elois Sanitary Pad women do not have to think twice for back stain during days or night. It gives odour free experience during all day. It is so soft that doesn’t cause any kind of rashes or skin infection. We design our product with keeping your health & safety in our mind.

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Quality of Elois Sanitary Pad

Consumer are continuous in search of new high quality product; & when it comes to women they are very particular & conscious in buying products for themselves especially in choosing sanitary pad. Hence we do not compromise in maintaining quality of our product. We follow stringent quality standards which are made with care and observation, so the harmony of nature is maintained along with our customer(women) satisfaction. We take care of quality in our sanitary pad & its specification so that females can maintain their personal hygiene with our product.

What’s Special in Elois Sanitary Pad

We think for your well-being and wellness first; your safety & health is our top most priority. Taking this legacy forward hence our product is infused with the natural & comfortable ingredient as like our sanitary pads are cottony soft and our soft top sheet helps to keep you comfortable have feeling of softness, it also helps the liquid to quickly flow to the absorbent core. Odour Control System which helps to prevent foul odour & keeps you all day with refreshing feel.

It is designed to absorb the leakage during the regular periods and has a cottony soft dry cover which will keep you comfortable all day. The Elois Sanitary pad provide optimum coverage of 240 mm and a natural fragrance to avoid unpleasant odors.

Product Features
All Day Protection
Eradicate Odor
Absorbent Gel
Soft Touch Cover
No Leakage

Available Pack Size

6 Counts 7 Counts

Elois XL pad ensures to provide all day protection. It has a super absorbent core which absorbs more when you need it the most. Along with this, it has got rapid observance capacity with a micro drill cover. It is very gentle on your skin and keeps you rash-free. It contains an Odour Control System with natural extracts to help prevent odor.

Product Features
Silky Soft
Extra-long Wings
No Irritation
XL for all-round protection through the night
Extra Large with wings-For night flow or heavy Flow-Individually folded and wrapped pads
Odour Control System that helps prevent foul odor and keeps you fresh

Available Pack Size

7 Counts20 Counts40 Counts

Elois Trifold Maxi is designed to provide all round comfort whole day. It is soft on the skin and has a leak lock system to make you feel dry and hygienic. It has uniquely shaped wings which keep the pad firmly in place and prevents from side staining.

Product Features
Odor Control System
No Rashes
Extra-long with 6 cotton sanitary pads
Comfy, Dry Cover
Comes with wings that provide better grip to the pads and avoids slipping & leakage from sides

Available Pack Size

6 Counts

“Ensure your day spend without worries of leakage - with Elois Sanitary Pad”