Velnik Shampoo

After years of research and development we have developed Velnik Shampoo, which not only takes care of all hair problems but also promotes hair growth and makes them shine. It is blended with natural extracts that makes it safe and could be used without any side effect. This shampoo has been also enriched with proteins and vitamins by the aid of herbs like Amla, Bhringraj, Rose, Milk, Almond, Grapes and various other excellent herbs which are proven best for treating hair problems and gives internal strength to hair.

Velnik shampoo is available in 5 variants with refreshing fragrances, which are as follows:

Velnik Everyday Shine with Black Grapes: This shampoo helps to make hair texture soft and smooth while enriching them with high antioxidant & Vitamin-E, which enhances the quality of hair.

Velnik Silky & Smooth with Almond Protein: This shampoo helps to nourish hair by penetrating into strands while making them smooth & silky.

Velnik Soft & Strong with Soya Milk Protein: This shampoo helps to repair the hair by improving texture from root to shaft strand by strand, removes impurities and make them smooth, soft & shiny.

Velnik Healthy & Long with Vitamin–B & Rose essence: This shampoo helps to keep the scalp moisturized and gives long-lasting freshness.

Velnik Thick & Long with Amla & Bhringraj: It helps to make hair more manageable while improving the thickness and making them long.


  • Available in 5 different variants
  • Makes hair texture soft & smooth
  • Enriched with high antioxidant & vitamin-E
  • No use of harsh chemicals

Available sachet pack size: 6ml

Available bottle size: 88ml, 187ml, 440ml

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