Velnik Hand Wash

Each day we met a number of people and comes into contact with various kinds of germs & bacteria.  We are not aware of microorganisms as we can’t see them with naked eyes and they may remain on our skin or body, which may cause infection and illness. Germs enter into our body through hands, as we keep in touch with different items and materials. Always wash your hands before eating, or touching food, before shaking hands with someone and after sneezing. For good health and sickness free body follow personal hygiene habits daily.

Velnik Hand Wash – Ocean fresh provides a refreshing and moisturized feel to your hands. It is  made up of with Bio-Green Antimicrobial Agents. It protects you from germs & washes away the dirt. It is very gentle on skin and keeps hands soft. Velnik Hand-wash provide 360 degree superior hygiene and gives quick effect. It is the best way to keep yourself way from germs and bacteria. It provide complete protection and hygiene care, it keeps your hands clean and germs free.

Available Pack Size: 3 ML Sachet , 750 ML Refill Pack.

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