Elois Sanitary Pad


Velnik India understands the importance of women’s smile and comfort. We empathize the problems and discomfort experienced by any women. Hence, with our uniquely designed sanitary napkin, we intend to provide carefree days to women during their periods. We want women to break their shackles, enjoy their lives freely, and commence their daily routine as regular days.

Elois Sanitary Napkin provides all-day protection with great comfort. It quickly absorbs liquids, offering safety, hygiene, and all day freshness. Elois Sanitary Napkin is available in 4 SKU’s range – Regular 240 mm, XL 280 mm, Day & Night Combo (240 mm & 280 mm), and Trifold Maxi.

It is designed to absorb the leakage during the regular periods and has a cottony soft dry cover which will keep you comfortable all day.


  • All day protection
  • Eradicate odor
  • Absorbent gel
  • Soft touch cover
  • No leakage

Available in a pack of 7 counts

Elois XL pad ensures to provide all day protection. It has a super absorbent core which absorbs more when you need it the most. Along with this, it has got rapid observance capacity with a micro drill cover. It is very gentle on your skin and keeps you rash-free.


  • Silky soft
  • Extra-long wings
  • No irritation
  • Long lasting absorbent
  • Comfy dry cover
  • Prevents leakage

Available in a pack of 7 counts

With our day-night combo pack, you can live a stress-free life during your periods. The pack comes with Day Pads that are for regular periods & Night Pads that are longer and wider – providing you with superb protection all the time. It has an odor control system that helps to prevent foul odor while making you feel fresh.


  • Unique soft-touch cover
  • Hygienic
  • Gentle to skin
  • Stress-free nights
  • All day freshness

Available pack: 4 Day Pads & 3 Night Pads

Elois Trifold Maxi is designed to provide all round comfort whole day. It is soft on the skin and has a leak lock system to make you feel dry and hygienic. It has uniquely shaped wings which keep the pad firmly in place and prevents from side staining.


  • Odor control system
  • Smooth texture
  • No rashes
  • Quick absorption
  • Extra long
  • Comfy dry cover

Individually packed pads available in a pack of 6 counts.

Elois Sanitary Pad 280mm Xl pads are now available in family pack also. It is designed with special leak lock system which provide super absorbency. Its cottony soft cover gives you a soft and comfortable feel. With its super absorbent core, leakage get absorbed quickly & rapidly. Elois Family Pack is available in 2 SKU- 20 pads pack and 40 pads pack.


  • Soft & dry cover.
  • Uniquely shaped wings.
  • Super Absorbent core.
  • All day protection.
  • Odour Control System.


Available Pack Size : 20 pads count , & 40 pads count


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